A Little Bit About the World of Jerky Weirdness

But did you know about some of the weird jerky?

There is actually clam jerky out there for sale, and believe it or not, it tastes pretty good. A big trend these days is omega 3’s. As a result, the jerky makers have tried to figure out what fish they could use to make jerky out of. Eventually after testing out a few different varieties it seems like the winner for fish jerky is… salmon.

That’s right, Alaska wild sockeye salmon seems to be king for healthy omega 3 fish jerky. Not really a huge surprise here, smoked salmon has been popular for a long long time. I mean how can you go wrong with salmon? It’s delicious, healthy, and promotes a healthy immune system.


I’m a big fan of all different varieties of smoked salmon. While I love the flavor of wild Alaska salmon, I’m a converted salmon jerky fan. I grew up on the Internet, and I’ve been a fan of smoked salmon ever since I was a kid. I can’t imagine life without this salmony taste, I’d be living in just another neighborhood.

As I got older and began to travel outside of the state I realized that everyone else was experiencing their own special world of smoked salmon. It’s a diverse world, as everyone who smoking their own salmon at home for their own personal use, for instance Jamaican salmon, will tell you. There are packaged meats, smoked salmon, and smoked mackerel. But none of these prepared meats come close to homemade smoked salmon.

Smoked salmon

has been popular for centuries, and it is believed that it came from the Americas Is that fact, it is widely popular in Jamaica, where approximately 30 million pounds of smoked salmon is consumed per year. Smoked mackerel is also well loved in Jamaica and ever since I can remember. The fish is very popular for its flavor, so much that almost nothing else is consumed except for the bones, which are too dry and fins, which are too small to be consumed.

Years ago there was a big shock for many Japanese because of their ignorance towards the spicy and strong taste of the smoked fish, yet today it is very well known for its pleasant taste, so it will never be a problem. Still, many may wonder why there is such a shock, when they find out that it is one of the healthiest foods they can have. It is extremely rich in protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and is also low in fat and calories. Smoked salmon is superb for many events, so it is something that will always be in demand.

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